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   Aug 15

Let’s get this show on the road…

Well this has been a long time coming…  I am going to do my best to post something weekly from here on out that will provide you with something useful.

I wear many hats in my family, but I feel I have a wealth of information that could be shared and I am always open to learn a lot of new things everyday and that is where you come in…  I would love to hear from you and would love it if you have something to share.

My family and I live off-grid in the Northern Idaho Wilderness.  We live very traditionally and we homeschool our 15 year old high functioning autistic son out here and he is LOVING it!  Not to mention he is doing AMAZING academically.  Last year he completed two school years in one and is working really hard to fill the gap between his age and his academics.  In addition to his normal academics he has a bible class, metal shop class, culinary arts class, leather working class, self reliance & survival class and oh he was our master worker while building out house.  He is learning many skills and trades that quite frankly, if he was in a public school he probably wouldn’t have time to learn.  We are thrilled with the experience, the rewards and his AMAZING improvements since we are homeschooling.

We do many unique things out here and our environment has provided our son with the opportunity to fully come out of himself.  He is stepping out of his comfort zones and growing in leaps and bounds not just academically, but physically, emotionally and just growing into a nice young man.

We also eat very healthy out here.  Last week we built our chicken coop and added the chickens on Thursday and I will be picking up the additional chickens today.  We have been doing the Gluten-Free and the Casein-Free diet for 8 years now.  That in and of itself was a blessing.  No more emotional roller coaster rides and no more digestive issues.  I make everything from scratch and I put up all our vegetables, sauces, jellies, dressings, etc.  I will be adding a recommendations page later this week with many links to various things we find useful and I think you will as well.

So welcome to Spectrum Kid In The Outdoors….  Stay tuned for some healthy back to school recipes and more….


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